• Mountain Safety

Mountain Safety

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The mountains, forests and valleys surrounding Panorama are home to a variety of wildlife including deer, moose, bear and cougar. By following these guidelines, you will be taking positive steps towards ensuring the safety of both yourself and the animals. Never hike or bike alone! Travel in groups when venturing away from the village. There is safety in numbers.

  • Bears and cougars tend to avoid human contact, so make noise to let
  • them know you are in the area. Wear bells, talk or sing.
  • Always use animal proof garbage bins. Animals are attracted to garbage and once habituated often have to be destroyed.

If you see a deer, remember:

  • Give it plenty of room
  • During fawning season doe are aggressive and territorial in the
  • protection of their young. Guests with dogs must take extra caution.
  • Fawns are well camouflaged and very difficult to see.

If you see a bear or cougar, remember:

  • Bring children and pets to your side.
  • Never approach the animal and do not run from it.
  • Warn others of the animal’s presence, without yelling.
  • Report the sighting to the nearest staff member.

Using the Lifts

  • If unfamiliar with a lift's operation or ask for assistance.
  • Slow down before approaching the entrance to a lift.
  • Have your lift ticket visible to the ticket validator.
  • Obey all posted instructions.
  • Load and unload only at designated areas.
  • To speed up everyone's ride, group up before reaching the lift loading platform.
  • Be polite and courteous at the loading area.
  • Use caution. Remove items strapped to wrists at loading and unloading ramps.
  • Remove backpacks before riding chairlifts.
  • Always lower the safety bar.
  • If you fall while getting off the lift, keep your head down and crawl quickly out of the way.
  • Swinging, bouncing or otherwise abusing lift equipment can be dangerous. If alone, sit in the middle of the chair.
  • Make certain no loose clothing is caught in the chair before reaching unload station.
  • Remove stereo headsets when loading and unloading platform.
  • Never attempt to jump from a chairlift.
  • Move quickly away from the unloading area.
  • When riding a lift with small children, help them load and unload. Do not allow them to ride the lift alone. You are responsible for your children and their actions.

Helmet Usage

Panorama Mountain Village requires the use of helmets for biking. Riders are encouraged to educate themselves on the benefits and limitations of helmet usage. Your primary safety should be to ride in a controlled and responsible manner.

Bike Park Safety

Panorama Mountain Village strongly suggests that full face helmets, full length gloves, biking armor and a full suspension bike be used in the Bike Park. If you are new to the mountain-biking program at PMV, or the parent or guardian of a younger rider, please familiarize yourself with the mountain-biking activities on offer as there are excellent introductory mountain-biking lessons and beginner mountain-biking terrain available. More challenging terrain and features should not be attempted until the rider has the appropriate skills, experience and equipment to effectively negotiate such trail sections. Carrying a mobile phone and having a local emergency contact is recommended.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Mountain Bike Responsibility Code and keep safety your number one priority.



General Alpine Precautions

  • Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, even on cloudy days.
  • Wear proper clothing to protect against inclement weather.
  • Keep hydrated, drink plenty of fluids.
  • Travel in groups. Never alone.
  • Tell a friend or family member who is staying behind where you are going and what time you anticipate returning.

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