• Employment at Panorama

Employment at Panorama

Panorama Mountain Resort is always looking for great people who know that life's a mountain, not a traffic-jam! As one of the largest employers in B.C.'s Kootenay Region, Panorama might just offer you the chance to work, play, and develop your career in one of Canada's most desirable areas.

Panorama won the GO2 Employees First Award 2011. Learn More about the Employees First Award.

Current Job Opportunities

Panorama Mountain Resort continually strives to be one of the best and most progressive work environments in Canada. To accomplish our goal of being a leading family resort, we search for people driven to deliver exceptional guest experiences and who encourage others around them to do the same.

If you feel you have the qualities and enthusiasm to become a part of our dedicated team, we welcome you to apply for an exciting career opportunity at Panorama.

Search and apply for a job at Panorama.

Panorama Staff Housing 

Learn about housing options, rental rates, what to bring, and basic guidelines and policies by downloading the PDF below.

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Perks of the Job

All employees receive a winter and summer season pass, a range of discounts and privileges throughout the resort, and access to reciprocal benefits at other Western Canadian resorts. Full-time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package after 3 months.

Required Documents

If you are offered a position with Panorama Mountain Resort, you will be required to provide us with the following:

  • 2 pieces of Photo Identification.
  • Work Authorization/Work Visa (if applicable).
  • Criminal Record Check.
  • Canadian Bank Information for Direct Deposit.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) or proof of application.
  • Resume with references.

Be Prepared

Since Mother Nature is unpredictable, winter positions may not start until mid November and some do not commence until mid December. We recommend that you come to Panorama with approximately $2,000 (CDN) to ensure that you will be able to pay rent, damage deposit, groceries, telephone, transportation, and entertainment until you are gainfully employed.

Panorama Grooming Policy

Purpose - Personal Appearance Mission Statement:

Panorama Mountain Resort is a resort that entertains all types of clientele including families.  It is a place where our employees can relate to children and parents in a confident, knowledgeable manner. It is a place where our guests recognize and value the presentation of our employees and the pride it instills throughout the resort. We know that a person’s outward appearance is not an indication of their worth or attitude, but it is the first impression a guest has; therefore we must maintain a NEAT, CLEAN and PROFESSIONAL appearance. We aspire to a high standard of presentation.


This policy applies to all employees while at work.  No exceptions.


This policy is intended to define the boundary for an individual employee’s appearance.  All standards are gender neutral.  Management may choose to more strictly enforce components of this policy but they cannot allow a relaxation of this policy.   

We rely on your good judgment and commitment to maintain a professional, well-groomed appearance while at work. Each Employee is expected to practice good habits of grooming and personal hygiene

Our top 5 overall priorities of focus in relation to our personal appearance standards are:

  1. Uniform
  2. Name Tag
  3. Hair
  4. Facial Hair
  5. Jewellery


  • Employees may wear their uniforms to and from work, but may not be worn during non-working hours (free skiing, days off)
  • When personal clothing is allowed to be worn in conjunction with the company uniform, it must be neat and clean. It cannot not be torn, faded or patched.
  • Only official sponsors for Panorama Mountain Resort are to be advertised on any clothing while on duty (i.e. ball caps etc.)
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, hats may be worn while on duty; as per management approval.  Hats must be neat, clean and portray a professional image.  Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors or in dark areas.  All accessories must not promote brands that are in conflict with Panoramas brand.

Name Tags

  • Nametags are part of your uniform and must be worn at all times while on duty. They identify us to our guests and other employees and they play a vital role in making them feel comfortable. Your supervisor or manager will provide you with a nametag with your first name and place of origin. 
  • Employees in supervisory/management positions may request to have their title on their nametag. These need to be approved by the direct manager or Employee Experience.
  • Your perception of a fun name may not be the same for our guests, which is why fake hometowns are not allowed, abbreviated names or nick-names that are derived from given or surnames that are more commonly used are acceptable as per Employee Experience & Management. e.g.:
    • Johnathan/Johno
    • Jean Claude/JC
    • Sarah/Sez
    • Julianne/Jules
    • Anthony Jackson/Jacko
  • Nametags may not be worn in licensed establishments when off duty.
  • Decals are allowed on Nametags as long as they do not cover any of the information and are not look worn or offend any guest or employee.


  • Hair must be kept clean and presentable at all times. 
  • Long Hair must be tied back and kept neat, clean and tidy.
  • Coloured or Tinted hair must appear clean and well maintained.
  • Radically coloured hair is permitted in tasteful accents.  E.g. ½ inch coloured tips, a few strands of your bangs/fringe. It cannot be the predominant colour.
  • Shaven or extreme designs are not permitted. E.g. full Mohawk
  • Dreadlocks are not permitted.   Current employees of Panorama already with dreadlocks are permitted to keep them as long as they are presented in a clean, well maintained manner and have them tied back.  Dreadlocks are not to be formed after commencement of employment at Panorama.

Facial Hair

  • You must be clean-shaven every day. Moustaches, beards and sideburns are to be clean and neatly trimmed. It is acceptable to grow a moustache or beard during vacation or during seasonal breaks in employment. However, they should not be in the process of being grown while at work.
  • A clean and neat beard includes ensuring your neck is clean shaven.


  • Jewellery should be worn in moderation, in good taste and must not interfere with job function or where it might cause a safety hazard.
  • Tongue piercings are limited to one small stud which may not impede speech and is not easily apparent to our guests. 
  • Nose piercings are limited to one small stud.
  • Ear piercings should be limited to 2 per ear.  Earlobe expanders/spacers are allowed however they must not be larger than 1 cm in diameter and only solid expanders/spacers are allowed. Any current employee at Panorama with spacers larger than outlined will need to work towards attaining what is outlined in this policy.
  • All other facial piercings are limited to one small stud and all other facial jewellery or exposed body piercings must be removed or covered while on the job. 

Other Considerations

  • Tattoos are permitted.  Any tattoos that could reasonably offend a guest or fellow employee must be covered at all times while at work.  Facial tattoos are not permitted.
  • Personal Hygiene should be well maintained at all times.  Daily baths and showers are essential to upholding a professional image. Teeth should be clean and fresh breath is imperative.
  • Strong deodorant, body sprays, perfume, lotions, aftershaves and colognes should be worn in moderation.

Failure to comply with Panorama Mountain Resorts grooming policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Employee Privacy

Panorama Mountain Resort respects your privacy. Any personal information you submit on your application will only be used to consider you for employment with Panorama Mountain Resort.

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