• First Time Visitor Guide

First Time Visitor Guide

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What’s so amazing about Panorama?

For some it’s the adventure. For others it’s the solace. There’s those who stay here to get away from it all. And there are those who visit because everything’s here.

We hear it all the time, “These mountains are magical.” We say, “Go ahead, call it magic.” But behind the magic is our firm belief that a winter vacation should be a vacation. That a mountain resort should be a resort. That those who journey to join us should be treated as special guests.

Panorama is amazing because we hold it a high honour to share the extraordinary experience of pure Canadian mountain life.

We're sure you have lots of questions if you're planning your first visit to Panorama. What is there for lodging? What else besides skiing can I do at Panorama? What do things cost at Panorama?

We're here to help.

We thought it would be best and most helpful to you if we gave you all the info you're looking for in a downloadable PDF so you can read it at your leisure: offline on your tablet, or a printed copy to take with you to read while on a train or plane.

What's inside:

  • Preparing for your trip to Panorama
  • Things to do at Panorama
  • Accommodation types
  • Sample itineraries
  • What the skiing and riding is like
  • Insider advice and travel tips


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5 helpful links for first time visitors

Why choose Panorama?

All ski resorts are not created equal. They are all unique and have their own individual quirks. This holds true to the resorts along the Powder Highway of British Columbia and it is the beauty of skiing in this region. Get to know if Panorama is right for you.

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Panorama Top Ten

If you have clicked the above link and read about or DNA you have a feel for who Panorama is. Now find out if Panorama is right for you by checking out our top 10 reasons to visit.

Top ten reasons

Panorama Blog

Our blog is an excellent source of information and our guests use it as a tool to stay connected to the resort while they are away. Find out the latest news from Panorama, tips from our experts, inside stories on what's happening on the resort and in the community. 

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Deals and Packages

Find out the latest great deal that the resort is offering. We've made it easy. They're all located in the same place so you don't have to search all over looking for a hidden gem of a deal.

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Still have a burning question you have not found the answer too? We're here to help.

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so, what are you waiting for?

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