Top Ten Reasons to Visit

But we bet you'll leave with many more.

#1 - Your Rocky Mountain dream is the Panorama reality.

an image The drive from anywhere to Panorama will be one of the highlights of your vacation, but your first view of the resort will really take your breath away. It's exactly like those stunning photos you've been looking at in ski magazines. An intimate village of glistening lights sits at the base of a mountain that literally reaches to the sky. Trails of white snake down through trees covered with the driest powder snow you've ever seen. Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days ever!

#2 - Brilliant skiing and snowboarding.

an image Kari Medig There's so much going on at Panorama that it's often easy to forget that we're here for the mountain and its extraordinary skiing and riding. Stats like 4000 vertical feet, 120 trails and 2,847 acres of terrain are impressive but the scale of the resort isn't really apparent until you stand on the summit and see it for yourself. You're at the heart of the Powder Highway and Canada's longest fall-line groomed trails are at your feet.

#3 - Flex Packaging.

an image Kari Medig We've been to mountain top Yoga sessions with Jodi (you might just meet her), so we're some of the most flexible people you'll ever meet. Seriously, call us and tell us what you need from your vacation, and we'll flex and make it happen for you. Choose the number of nights you want to stay, the number of days you want to ski, and the activities that will make your holiday perfect. You'll also save money because we won't tell you what you have to do.

#4 - Heliskiing

an image Kyle Hamilton If you're an avid skier or snowboarder you most likely dream of heliskiing one day. At Panorama you can turn that dream into a reality with rk helski. They've been in the business for over 40 years and offer trips daily throughout the winter season right from the resort.

#5 - You don't need wheels.

an image Kari Medig Your ski day doesn't need to start with an early wake-up, a battle with the kids to get them moving, and then a commute by bus or car. At Panorama, the Village is compact so dining, shopping and activities are usually just a few steps from the door of your hotel room, condo or town home. The free Village Gondola connects the Upper and Lower Village and runs until late-evening. Feel free to park your car and then leave it!

#6 - Canada's largest slopeside hot pools.

an image Kari Medig At some resorts you look across to other hotels and wonder why you didn't book the one with the best pool or the biggest hot tubs. Here, all lodging guests (and that means you too) enjoy unlimited access to the largest slopeside pools you've ever seen. After a day riding one of North America's great mountains, submerge yourself in a warmth that is unique to Panorama.

#7 - Powder, not pretension.

an image Kari Medig We've all been to places where people wear ski boots in the lobby of the hotel but have no intention to actually ski in them. That's not the Panorama way. People that choose this resort are here because they love the mountains and they want to share good times with family and friends. We don't care what you drive and we don't mind what you wear, we're always just happy that you are here!

#8 - It will feel like your own private resort.

an image Kari Medig It's simple math. If there are 3,000 people on a mountain with close to 3,000 acres of terrain (and 3,000 people is a busy day), then each person has an acre to call their own. This means that you'll ski endless fall-line blue runs and not worry about crowds around you. Arc some nice turns and then return and lay tracks right beside them. Some days it just feels like Panorama is your own private resort!

#9 - The smiles are genuine.

an image Jamie Hurschler There are some pretty clever people working at Panorama; employees who could choose to serve at the biggest and brightest resorts on the planet. They chose Panorama for all the reasons you are planning to vacation here and that's why they smile (and smile a lot). Life in one of the world's most spectacular mountain playgrounds is fantastic and our team is happy to share this place with you.

#10 - Panorama is simply warmer.

an image Kari Medig Warm and friendly people are one thing but let's talk about the weather for a second. Panorama is on the warm side of the Rockies. Cold Arctic systems that sweep the Prairies are blocked by the mountains, while warmer westerly winds from the Pacific create a climate in the Kootenay Rockies that is more moderate and produces more snow. Snowy nights and sunny days around -5 degrees are the norm at Panorama Mountain Village.

#11 - It's cool to be different.

an image Who hasn't been to one of those really big, famous resorts? It's a bit like a tattoo really, everyone has one now so there's nothing too edgy about it. Come to Panorama and you'll ride a resort that's a little off the beaten track, a hidden gem that will tell others that you're different and still have some exploration left in you. You may not leave with Panorama on your chest but it sure will be in your heart.

We could just keep going...

We promised ten great reasons to choose Panorama Mountain Village and actually gave you eleven. We could list many more but we'd rather you spend time with us and start building your own list. We're looking forward to riding the chair with you soon.

so, what are you waiting for?

Grab your ski boots and book your vacation now!